Tidy Cats LightWeight – Litter Review

Purina must have heard me swearing, huffing, and puffing as I carry litter boxes from grocery to car and up two flights of stairs to my apartment.

Their answer is the LightWeight version of the popular Tidy Cats Scoop. Geared towards household with multiple cats, they have four types which claims to be 50% lighter than a typical clumping litter.

No body builders needed to lift the LightWeight.
No body builders needed to lift the LightWeight.

This is our first introduction to the lightweight litter genre so we decided to try out the 24/7 Performance and the Glade Tough Odor Solutions.


Only available in two sizes 8.5 lbs (3.9 kg) jug or 17 lbs (7.7 kg) pail. The litter is made of “Natural clay and mineral product with deodorizing system”.


Carrying them up two flights of stairs did not feel like juggling a dead body. In fact, carrying two up the stairs at the same time doesn’t feel too strenuous. Nice!

The pail has a rounded plastic handle so it does not dig into your hand when carrying. This thoughtful feature is very much appreciated.

Tidy Cats LightWeight in jugs (8.5 lbs) or pail (17 lbs).

The jug as a color-coded plastic screw top. The pail has a color-coded non-detachable flap that snaps back to close. The flap lid is a slight annoyance as it tends to flap close but we appreciate that it is shielding us from any perturbed dust.

I took a moment to admire the 2-in-1 litter beads. Tidy Cats claims that each bead is made of 2-part granule where the outer layer has odor-fighting agents and creates tight clumping while the inner layer absorbs odor and liquids.

The Tidy Cats LightWeight litter clumps very well. I didn’t have any clumps crumbling away as I scoop. The tight clumps are a huge plus since that is less litter wasted.

The hollow inside each litter granules gives it the light weight advantage. Each Tidy Cats Lightweight litter beads has an anti-dust coating.

That being said, if you are sensitive to dust, I wish you best of luck. I can’t imagine how much worse the litter would have been without the anti-dust coating.

While the design is great for weight reduction, the granules are not strong enough.  Any slightest pressure (e.g. from cat stepping on it) makes it disintegrates into dust and sand.

It is difficult to scoop the spent litter without creating further dust. The area around the litter box was constantly dusty.

While lightweight is great for my back, it is not good for tracking. The litter is so light that it tends to stick to my cats’ paws and furs. Guess where they usually end up? (Hint: everywhere!)


Another unfortunate effect of being lightweight is that the litter is easily displaced, allowing the urine to travel closer to the bottom of the box. Mr. Poopy Pants is a serious digger, which makes the situation worse.

The porous nature of plastic makes it a great place for bacteria from the urine to harbor. I would recommend having more than 3 inches of litter depth to avoid the urine from pooling at the bottom of the box.

In addition to the clay granules, the Tidy Cats Lightweight litter has a few blue bits which releases the glade scent. The Glade-version had noticeably more blue bits which made it extra scenty.

L-R: 24/7 Performance vs. Glade Tough Odor Solutions
L-R: 24/7 Performance vs. Glade Tough Odor Solutions

The Tidy Cats Lightweight 24/7 Performance Clumping Litter has additional green bits which dissolves to release extra scent when in contact with moisture. It has a slight scent of someone who just came out of shower, fresh with a hint of soap.

The Tidy Cats Lightweight Glade Tough Odor Solution however is a completely different story. I can not imagine how much it would overwhelm the sense of smell of a cat in a covered litter box. Spoiler alert – I typically have a 2 weeks trial period for any litter that I am reviewing but this one had to be cut short due to the amount of “protest” that I was receiving.

Cleaning the box requires a big lung capacity – to hold my breath. Those fancy 2-part granule did not work as great as it sounded. There is always a strong urine smell. The Glade version stunk less but smelled like walking into a washroom stall after someone had just pooped and sprayed the air freshener. Flowers and unicorn with a hint of poop.

The weight benefit comes at a premium price. Per pound, the Tidy Cats LightWeight clumping litter cost at least double of its regular weight counterpart (Tidy Cats Scoop).

From the Tidy Cats LightWeight variety, I recommend the Tidy Cats LightWeight 24/7 Performance Clumping Litter. It has the best odor control with little artificial scent.

The Tidy Cats LightWeight litter is 50% lighter than traditional clumping litter. This is great for someone who prefers not to carry heavy weight. It forms tight, strong clumps and does not crumble away. Overall, it makes cleaning easier and less litter wasted.

The lightweight design makes it easy to displace and creates dust. If you or your cats are sensitive to dust, I would recommend staying away from this litter.

It does not neutralize odor as well as other (cheaper, albeit heavier) clumping litter. Someone who dusts and cleans the litter box frequently might have less of an issue that we were experiencing.

Have you tried the Tidy Cats LightWeight litter? Any tips or comments? I can only vouch for what I have used, but I am sure the world would be grateful for even more secrets, resources, and tips. Keep ’em coming.

(Disclaimer: This post contains some affiliate links (read more about it here). However, my opinions are my own and I would only endorse items that I would let my cats use.)


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