The “Pecking Order”

Q: Do cats have a “pecking order” when living in a multi-cat household?


I discovered mine by accident while I was on travel and had to set up a camera to monitor their food and water.

Eating: I came to realize that only one cat will be eating/ drinking at a time. When Mr. Poopy Pants is eating/ drinking, Ms. Bum Bums will wait patiently OUTSIDE of the kitchen (where I put the food and water) even though I have two bowls set up side-by-side. Also there is a common understanding that they would not eat AND drink in one sitting.

Sleeping: From another one of my spying episode, I also learn that there is a rule regarding who gets to sleep where. Both cats would spend most of their day snoozing on my bed, specifically on my side of the bed. When Ms. Bum Bums is on my pillow, Mr, Poopy Pants will not attempt to set foot anywhere near the pillow.

Favorite Spot: Mr. Poopy Pants has a favorite stool but every once in a while Ms. Bum Bums will sit on it. As female is the alpha in the cat world (outside of the kitchen I guess), he would not disturb her. Instead, he will move from one spot to another to get comfortable. Except he can’t. The moment Ms. Bum Bums jump off, he will claim it and refuse to move for the rest of the night.

This was one of the very few moments when he would dare to challenge her. What you did not see is how someone got bit on his butt shortly after this picture was taken.

CatLitterGuru_Siamese Cat_1

Disclaimer: Despite my closet cat lady character, I did NOT spend my whole day spying on them. These observations were made when the camera sends out notifications indicating movement. I sometimes wish that I can attach a GoPro on them =)

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