Purina Maxx Scoop Discontinued – Now What?

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There has been a recent surge of sad and angry posts from Canadian cat lovers on one particular litter – Maxx Scoop by Purina.

The Maxx Scoop line has recently been discontinued in Canada (it was never released in the US). Myself included, have been mourning this decision (read here to find out how much we like it!)

Why is it discontinued?

This is an email that I had received from Purina:

Hi, Cat Litter Guru!

We’re sorry to inform you that our Maxx litters have been discontinued. Please know this was a very difficult, yet, necessary decision, based on extremely low sales due to a decline in consumer demand, even in areas where the product was readily available.

We’d recommend our Purina® Tidy Cats® brand Cat Litter Scoop for Multiple Cats – 24/7 Performance™- Long Lasting Odor Control. To learn more please visit http://bit.ly/21rIcwA.

We hope this information is helpful.

Your Pet Advisor,


There you have it folks! They did not have enough demand to justify keeping it on the shelves.

Honestly, I am surprised they have not done it sooner, since Purina has another established litter line. Both Tidy Cats and Maxx Scoop offers similar variety (before Tidy Cats introduced the Lightweight version) and targets the same type of audience.

Free litter for you, you, and you!

If you were one of the lucky ones to purchase the last few batches, you should find a coupon for a free Tidy Cats litter.


I found mine in the box I had purchased earlier this year although there were no mentions of it on the packaging.


If you can’t find it, check again when the box is almost empty. Mine had sunk to the bottom of the box and I wasn’t expecting it. I ended up finding it in the sand box. Eeep! Good thing the coupon is wrapped in plastic.

Tidy Cats is commonly sold in three sizes: a small jug, a big jug, and a pail. The coupon is good for the small jug (6.35 kg or 14 lb) of any variety up to the value of C$9.99.


Tidy Cats Litter 101

If you are a Tidy Cats newbie, the selection is vast and can be confusing. In general, the line is divided into Scoop and Lightweight version.

Do read our reviews before going out to redeem the coupon. (Spoiler alert – none of them are worthy of replacing Maxx Scoop in our opinion, but free is free!).

Best replacement for Maxx Scoop?

If you have been using Maxx Scoop for a while and are looking for a similar litter replacement, Tidy Cats is not a bad place to start IF you have one cat.

While Tidy Cats is similar in appearance to Maxx Scoop, they differ in performance. In a head-to-head match, Maxx Scoop seems to have better odor control and does not crumble as easily as Tidy Cats. In addition, Tidy Cats has a stronger scent than Maxx Scoop.

For an immediate replacement, I suggest Precious Cat Ultra Premium Cat Litter.  It has a similar performance, texture, and scent level as Maxx Scoop.

Alternatively, you can choose one from our compilation of the best clumping litter of the year.

If you have gone through a (few) blind dates and found a suitable replacement, we would love to hear about it.

The Sensitive Type

Before you make a life-changing decision for your cat, please do not forget that cats are sensitive to change.

For example, immediately switching to a strongly scented litter can be off-putting for kitty who just graduated from Maxx Scoop.

To ensure smooth transition, do read a few tips from Ask Cat Litter Guru series on How to Transition to A New Litter.

For those of you who wish Purina would reverse their decision, do spend a few minutes to sign a petition that a Maxx Scoop fan from Shelbrook, Canada has created.

RIP Maxx Scoop!



  1. Your TIDY is nasty! It ends up being tracked all over the place, my house smells awful no matter how often I scoop, it’s a mucky mess & sticks to the scoop. I’m looking for something else & I have no interest in purchasing another Purina product. You have really put me off, after being a MAXX fan for over 8 years. Hunting for something else that does the job! NOT HAPPY!!!!!

  2. Tidy Cat is terrible. Though it looks like Maxx and clumps like Maxx, it isn’t Maxx. I have to tuck my nose under my shirt when cooping. The amount of dust that is released it unreal. My entire storage room has a layer of is litter dust over it, my tools, luggage, rubbermaids, everything! It’s ridiculous and sad. My oldest, which is only about 6 years old, already has developed asthma and this is not helping. I’m still searching for the one that works best for us.

    1. Oh no! Have you tried the Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal line? It is our fave at the moment. Slightly more scent than Maxx Scoop but low dust. Good luck with your search and do let us know if you find anything worthy of Maxx Scoop’s replacement.

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