Litter Box Cleaning Frequency?

Q: How frequent should I clean the litter box? Is it necessary to change the entire litter?

Oh litter box. They are a joy and a pain at the same time. Not having to schedule my day around my pet’s bladder and bowel clock is a wonderful flexibility. But the stink that the box produced is a headache, figuratively and literally. The cleaning frequency ultimately boils down to how much bacteria can be accumulated in […]

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Precious Cat Premium Clumping Cat Litter Review

Dr Elsey’s Precious Cat line is another staple in our household. This line was created by Dr. Bruce Elsey, who is a 35-years veteran feline-only vet. I can’t imagine how many lint roller he would have to consume on a daily basis….. Kidding aside, I like that they try to give back to the community through their shelter partners program which offers free […]

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