Meet the Critics

Ms. Bum Bums

Ms. Bum Bums is a seal point siamese who loves to be pampered. She is an expert at using her blue eyes and charming personality to get what she wants (and she KNOWS what she wants).

Her day usually starts with a quick morning run around the bedroom to let everyone know that she is awake, followed by a session of chin scratches before her owner heads out. She then spends the rest of her day getting her beauty rest in. Her evening is filled with social events including playing with her favorite toys and supervising dinner service.

Ms. Bum Bums getting ready for an afternoon nap.

Mr. Poopy Pants

Mr. Poopy Pants is a seal point siamese with swagger. He thinks the phrase “cool cat” was inspired by him. He is a ladies man and would go out of his way to get your attention.

Although playful, he takes litter cleanliness very seriously. He has been known to leave a few “visual” reminder outside of the box if it is not up to his standard. His secret abilities includes opening doors on his own (regardless of which side he is trapped in) and tightroping on top of a TV (regardless of how slim the TV is). If James Bond is a cat, he would be Mr. Poopy Pants.

Practicing his favorite yoga pose on top of TV.

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