Maxx Scoop Cat – Litter Review

L-R: Multi-Cat, Maxx Scoop, Small Spaces, 24/7
L-R: Multi-Cat, Maxx Scoop, Small Spaces, 24/7

Update: Maxx Scoop has recently been discontinued. If you can still find it on the shelf, hoard! Read this post to find out why it was discontinued and what we recommend as a worthy replacement.

Part of the Purina clumping litter line that is only sold in Canada, there are four variations of the Maxx Scoop product to meet your needs:

  • Maxx Scoop (Green) – Best for one cat
  • Maxx Scoop Multi-Cat (Blue) – Best for multi-cat household
  • Maxx Scoop Small Spaces (White) – Best for small spaces such as apartments
  • Maxx Scoop 24/7 (Light Blue) – Best for multi-cat household in small spaces who needs tight odor control

They all claim to use 100% Bentonite clay and 99% dust free. The difference between these four really boils down to the odor control strength (list above is in the order of lowest to highest strength) . Some neutralizes the odor, some blocks, some controls the growth of bacteria causing odor.

In the case of 24/7, it has a clean laundry scent to mask the smell. They sure sound great so I took both Maxx Scoop and Maxx Scoop Multi-Cat to the challenge of Mr. Poopy Pants’ stinky poop.


Size: Available in 15.4 lbs (7 kg), 27.7 lbs (12.6 kg), 30.9 lbs (14 kg).
Price: $$
Packaging: Plastic pail.
Scent: None noticeable.
Ingredients: “Natural clay blend with deodorizing system” for Maxx Scoop. The Maxx Scoop Multi-Cat has an extra “Odor causing bacteria growth inhibitor”.


The first thing I noticed about the packaging (we bought the 15.4 lb pail) is the sturdy lid that completely detaches.

I always feel bad for throwing out perfectly sturdy plastic bins so I am happy to report that the 15.4 lb pail with detachable lid makes it perfect for upcycling.

In our household it has been converted into flower pots and container to store cleaning products (after a thorough scrubbing of course).

Another plus for Maxx Scoop is their award winning packaging. In addition, It is made with 100% recyclable packaging and water-based inks. The slimmer design contains 15% less plastic which also reduces transportation footprint.

I appreciate the rounded plastic handle that doesn’t dig in when carrying the heavy pail. The manageable size makes it convenient to carry.

MaxxScoop-mulitcat_ENIN THE BOX:

Both are mainly made up of small gray chunks which is the bentonite clay. The clay has an absorbent property which means that it is great for moisture control (fun fact: some mask is made from Bentonite clay as it is believed to remove toxins and such. No we are NOT suggesting you put this on your face. Seriously. Don’t.)

The Multi-Cat has some green and brown-colored bits. When exposed to moisture, the green bits dissolves to release a light scent (reminds me of Gain).

L-R: Maxx Scoop vs. Maxx Scoop Multi-Cat


Opening the lid, I brace myself for a big whiff of — nothing —. Woot! This was a rather nice surprise as both had promised to have some deodorizing system. I guess Maxx Scoop’s idea of deodorizing isn’t drowning your senses with perfume. That works for me!

Thanks to the green bits in the Multi-Cat, we were rewarded with a hint of fresh scent instead of urine smell. The slow-release scent was also a useful reminder to clean the litter box. Smelling it means that there are “presents” waiting to be cleaned.


Pouring the litter, I can’t say that it is 99% dust free as it claimed, but there certainly wasn’t a huge cloud of dust as it is being poured. I guess I’ll save the dust mask for another day….

After using the litter for 2 weeks each, the biggest (minor) complain we have is tracking. As both litters are irregular in size, some of the smaller bits would track. It sucks but it is not the worse tracker among other litter brands that we have used. Ms. Bum Bums also have the tendency to run after visiting the box as if she had to take a break in the middle of a marathon so that made the bits track a bit further from the box.

Cleaning the box was a joy (if you could call cleaning poop as “joy”, but I digress..). The urine balls are firm and reasonable in size and I didn’t feel like too much litter was wasted in the clumps.

While there were no mushy puddles stuck at the bottom of the box but I have noticed that the clumps can become soft and break apart when scooped if the cat pees on the same spot repeatedly.


Maxx Scoop  3.8 out of 5
Maxx Scoop Multi-cat  4 out of 5

I am happy to report that both were able to control Mr. Poopy Pants’ stinky bombs (I have had to clear the room in the past).

Other than the slight ingredient differences, both performed similarly. I am willing to overlook the fact that they tracked as both Maxx Scoop and Maxx Scoop Multi-cat performed reasonably well in other departments and the price is right.

Between the two, I favored the Maxx Scoop Multi-Cat as it has a slight “delayed release” scent and tracked less.


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