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(Disclaimer: This post contains some affiliate links (read more about it here). This product was provided free of charge in exchange for my honest opinions. My opinions are my own and I would only endorse items that I would let my cats use.)

Kittens learn essential life skills from their mommy. As a very young age, they learn to use the litter box by mimicking their mother. Sadly, sometimes kittens are separated from their mother at a very young age and therefore did not get a chance to learn those skills.

There are also many cases where adult cat stopped using the litter box because of some negative experience. If that happens, it is very important to check with the vet to eliminate any health issues. For example, male cats are prone to UTI which makes it painful to pee.

To solve litter box issues, sometimes standard litter is not enough. To help improve the experience, Dr. Bruce Elsey created the Cat Attract product. He designed it in such a way that the size, texture, and smell of the litter is attractive to cats and hopefully gets them back to using the litter box.


Dr. Elsey is a 35-years veteran feline-only vet. He is also the creator of the very popular Precious Cat Ultra line (in fact, we like it so much that it made it to our Best Clumping Cat Litter list). I respect Precious Cat for trying to give back to the community through their shelter partners program which offers free shelter kits


There are three products in the Attract-line to tackle the litter box issue:


L-R: Cat Attract vs. Kitten Attract


Size: Available in 20 lbs box and 40 lbs bag (9 and 18 kg)
Price: $$$
PackagingCardboard box or plastic bag
ScentNone noticeable
Ingredients(Not disclosed on the box label)


The Cat Attract comes packaged in a sturdy cardboard box with a plastic strap handle for the 20 lbs. This is a nice change from the plastic pail packaging that most clumping litter utilizes (tree huger rejoice!).

The box strap is thin but considering the box is not too heavy, I am not too worried about the strap breaking while I am transporting it from the store to home.


The 40 lbs version is packaged in a slick plastic bag which is rather awkward to carry because of the dimensions. 

The box has a side tab to facilitate pouring the litter.



The ingredient is not disclosed in the box but their website indicated that it contains natural herb attractant. As described in the box, the litter size is smaller. The herb attractant was not visible to the naked eye.

Dr. Elsey’s Cat Attract Litter

With the side-by-side comparison next to the Precious Cat Ultra line, you can see how much smaller the litter is. Cats are naturally attracted to sandy-like material so this litter by design is meant to improve the dig-a-bility.

Precious Cat vs Cat Attract
Granule size L – R: Precious Cat Ultra vs. Cat Attract


I personally was not able to detect any smell from the litter. There is no perfume scent before or after the litter is spent.

While my nose is not so sharp, I assume cats are able to smell the herbal scent. A few times I found Ms. Bum Bums adamantly playing with the shipping box (there were some litter in it). She usually doesn’t care for boxes so I thought that was rather interesting. The litter is designed to have a herbal scent that mimics the natural scent of a freshly turned garden.

Cat Attract promises a “superior odor control” and I have to agree with it. I have to get close to the box to get a whiff of the poop and pee.



The level of dusting that I experienced was similar to Precious Cat Ultra line. I find it to be slightly more dusty than other litter that promises “99% Dust Free”.

I was worried that the smaller granules means easier to track. As it turns out, my suspicion was correct. In comparison to the Precious Cat Ultra, I seem to find more of it around the litter box. However the good news is it doesn’t track far from the box. 

It forms a very tight clump. In fact, it has the smallest clump-to-moisture ratio compared to the other clumping litter that we have used. Most importantly, it doesn’t crumble when scooped.


It is comforting to see that Precious Cat stands behind their brand. They guarantee “100% litter box use” or they offer money back.


Since Mr. Poopy Pants and Ms. Bum Bums do not have litter box issues, I was not able to test the claim on them. In the two weeks that they were using it, there was no indication that they were visiting the litter box more than usual. I did however discover a surprise in the box.

Remember back in the days when the best part of eating cereal is finding a toy in it? Well I get to relive that moment… somewhat…

As I am generally terrible with punching the perforated flap open, I had opened the box from the top. I did not think much about leaving it out in the open until the time that I had to refill the litter box. Someone had sneaked into the box and pooped in it!

Judging from how Ms. Bum Bum was so mesmerized by the shipping box, I am guessing that was her. So lesson learn, either do not open the top flap or keep it locked away so it doesn’t become a secondary litter box.


Since the purpose of this litter is to reinforce litter box habit, I reached out to a friend of mine and her cat, Ms. Bossy Pants.

Meet specimen A: Ms. Bossy Pants is a five year old sweet rescue cat. She was adopted after found wandering the streets in the winter time.

Ever since she moved in with her boyfriend (my friend – that is), Ms. Bossy has been a nightmare. She would pee on her boyfriend’s belongings. She had tried almost every suggestions I gave in this article but the problem still persists. We believe it is a behavioral issue since she is fixed and the vet gave her a clean bill of health.

As a last resort, I asked her to try the Cat Attract litter as well. After a two week trial period, we were able to see improvements on Ms. Bossy. She still have accidents but it is a lot less frequent. Seeing the improvement, we are hopeful that the accidents will stop all together.

To stay on track, she is planning to continue on with the Cat Attract litter until the problem is eliminated. I am however curious to see if her habit will return once she is switched out of the Cat Attract litter.


Each box includes a booklet with advice from Dr. Elsey.

Dr Elsey_Cat_Attract_Box_3

“Dr. Elsey’s Litter Box Solutions” booklet includes eight $1 off coupons. Yes I know the box said $11-worth of coupons. It must have been an error.

The coupon can be used for various Precious Cat products ranging from their popular products such as the Precious Cat Ultra line to their specialty products such as the Urine Removal Program with Aromatherapy.


The booklet has various litter box advice including “Five Steps to a Happy Cat Household” which is also described at the back of the box.


The most valuable content in my opinion is the section describing how to clean cat urine. It provides suggestion on how to tackle the problem depending on the soiled material.


Another shot of the content:


Dr Elsey’s Cat Attract  4 out of 5

This is the silver bullet for litter box accidents! They are the only one in the market that is specifically designed for re-training cat to use litter box and it works.


The line offers a few options depending on the age with Cat Attract and Kitten Attract. If money is tight, use the Ultra Litter Attractant with your favorite clumping litter.

While the Cat Attract litter pretty good, it is only one aspect of re-training your cat to use the litter again. Read this Ask Cat Litter Guru article for a full list of things that you can try to avoid getting more stinky surprises.


  • It works! Ms. Bossy Pants seems to be attracted to the litter which results in less accidents.
  • Very good odor control.
  • Tight clumps and no crumblies.
  • Money back guarantee.


  • Slightly pricier than other clumping litter, especially compared to the Precious Cat Ultra line.
  • Tracked, but limited to around the litter box.



  1. “The box has a side tab to facilitate pouring”

    Okay, I’ve bought 10 or 20 boxes of this stuff so far and for the life of me I still have no idea how in heck I am supposed to open the box and use the stupid spout.

    “Press outside edge of center perforation to open” What the heck is the outside edge of center perforation? and how the heck does this make pouring easy?

    It’ s driving me nuts!

    1. Lol thank you for sharing that! For the longest time I thought I was the only having trouble following the instruction.

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