Best Clumping Cat Litter 2018


Clumping-type of litter dominates the cat litter market for a good reason.

It is an efficient and economical solution as the waste can be cleaned out without frequently dumping the entire litter box content. It is also much better at controlling stinky litter smell, which is typically THE number one complain from cat owners.

Based on Mr. Poopy Pants and Ms. Bum Bums’ experience, the following are the best clumping cat litter in the market at the moment.

3. Tidy Cats 24/7 Performance

Cheap, cheap, cheap! If money is tight, this is the litter for you.

Each of the 2-part granule is designed to absorb odor and liquids. Producing little dust, the Tidy Cats 24/7 keeps odor in control so you don’t need to smell what’s cooking in the kitchen.

2. Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal Multi-Cat

Of all the clumping litter that we have tested, this is an all-around hustler.

We tested the 7 day odor-free promise and was wonderfully surprised (read more about it here). This “sandy” litter has smaller granules than the other clumping litters in the market which is perfect for older cats or cats with arthritis.

Producing very little dust and a reasonable clump size, this litter deserves two paws up! 

1. Precious Cat Ultra Premium

The best value clumping litter in the market.

While it does not dominate in any specific areas, their performance in dusting, tracking, and odor control combined with the cheapest price ($/lb) makes them a household favorite.

The Ultra Premium is designed with minimum scent but capable of tackling odor from multi-cat household. Read more about Ms. Bum Bums ad Mr. Poopy Pants’ experience here.

Have you come across any litter that should make it to this list? I can only vouch for what I have used, but I am sure the world would be grateful for even more secrets, resources, and tips. Keep ’em coming.

(Disclaimer: This post contains some affiliate links (read more about it here). However, my opinions are my own and I would only endorse items that I would let my cats use.)



  1. Also try “World’s Best Cat Litter”. More expensive but lasts longer, has very little dust, made from corn and is good for the environment as you can compost it. In some states you are allowed to flush it.

    1. While they advertise as “flushable” and will not clog the plumbing system, I would not recommend flushing it.

      There are some good bacteria in the sewer system that is designed to break down particulates. As some litter contains bacteria inhibiting product such as biocide, it could cause harm to the system.

      Thanks for the suggestion on the World’s Best!

  2. I have 3 fur babies 10 week old kitten, 2 others at 1 year. I have used Maxx Scoop for years great litter. I am disappointed with the new Tidy Cats! I scoop my litter daily or every other day three boxes. Tidy cats pee clumps break apart, the odor control hum bug! I am not impressed and will have to switch to Arm and Hammer.

    1. I feel your pain. I find the red-version performs better than the rest of the Tidy Cats line but definitely not up to par with Maxx Scoop.

  3. I have used MAXX for years and all of my cats have loved it. When I couldn’t find MAXX anywhere over the past 6 to 8 weeks I bought TIDYCATS, once and for all – that was the first and LAST time for Tidy Cats. I hate it, my cats hate it and won’t even use it.

    I just ordered a big bag of cat litter from the vets and it better not be Tidy Cat because I just won’t bring it home. Earth and ashes from the wood stove will work if you clean your litter box everyday.

    I had a friend tell me that a vettold herthat some of the clumping liter has caused health problems for cats. They get the litter on their feet, then wash their feet and get the clumping litter into their digestive tracts and then they can get bowel blockages.

    1. I have seen article claiming that clumping litter can block digestive tracks, originating from a breeder who had lost part of her litter and believed it was due to litter blockage. I have also seen articles arguing against it. However there has not been enough research to proof one way or the other.

      I suggest not using clumping litter on kittens, mainly because they are prone to snacking on anything they find.

      To minimize litter getting stuck on their paws, I suggest using mats outside the litter box as well as trimming the tuft of long hair cats to reduce the amount of litter stuck on it.

      Do let us know how you like the vet’s cat litter. We are always on the hunt for a good cat litter.

  4. I have used Tidy Cat for about 16 years, but have never really been thrilled with any of their types. We have only used it because it is easily available & now that we live in the country & have no where to dispose of it other than in our dry creek that runs through our woods. (As far as we know, nothing has ever messed with it after it has been dumped out of the buckets, including the horses. But, since it is in the woods, there isn’t anything that could hurt it…lol. We still have deer, so it must not bother them too much either.) I have used the Arm & Hammer before, but only at times, due to the fact that it gave me less buckets to use. And I can’t say that I remember if it were less dusty. I never thought about the smaller granules, that’s a good point! Since we have 2 baths, the cats have their own bathroom. I had 5 cats originally, 2 males, 3 females. Although my males are gone, the girls like to stand to go. They seem as if they are standing on their toes, hiking as high as they can. So, to do my best to defeat this nonsense, I was smart & went to Walmart & bought 3 Sterilite tubs with the white lids. The tubs are clear, so all they can see is the bathtub & know that they are in a box. I just line them up next to each other in the bathtub & they work & fit perfectly, except when the litter is too deep at times. When you use litter in a room as the bathroom, you can really tell just how much dust is in cat litter! When Tidy Cat advertises that their litter is 99% dust free, I would have to beg to differ! (We use the one with Glade. It used to smell really good, but, not so much anymore.) If their litter is only 1% dust, I am wondering why when I leave the bathroom after cleaning the boxes & adding more, do I smell & have nothing but DUST in my nose. It is so dusty that I either have to where a mask, which it still comes through & makes you sweat or I have to wet a kleenex point & wet the inside of my nose with. Not to mention the fact that after freshening their boxes after scooping, the walls of the clear tub are now wall to wall dust! So I have to take a wipe & wipe the walls after I push the litter all to the opposite end. My cats are 16 1/2, 16 yrs. & 4 mo. & 15. One has HyperT & kidney issues. In which, both, make more urine. Which, in turn, makes for more of what I go through more often. So, I am on the hunt for a cat litter that is dust free as possible, so that I don’t have to spend so much time on maintenance in the boxes & having to wipe the whole bathroom down afterward. If there is that much dust during cleaning, I am sure there is dust coming up when they actually “use” it too! In cats with HyperT & kidney issues, you are supposed to make their environments as toxin free as possible. I can’t imagine how much toxins they all have in their skin, fur & lungs. Their kidneys have to flush their toxins & when they are older their kidneys have more trouble dealing with the toxins in their skin. I amy be trying Arm & Hammer soon. I was wondering how much luck people have with the beaded looking litters. It looks as if they are clear beads with blue ones mixed in. I would think they aren’t dusty, but, am wondering what happens when it gets wet or …. ?? And, is it safe?

  5. You missed the Cat-illac cat toilet system. Never need to change cat litter or pads. There is no dust, no smell, no mess and you stop filling our landfill sites with used litter – very environmentally friendly!

  6. HI Cat Guru,
    We have three cats. In a small apartment. We started with Maxx scoop. We are in Canada and I find it hard to believe that Maxx scoop was not making it sales. Maxx scoop flew off the shelves. Everybody I know used it. When it was discontinued we tried three varieties of Tidy cats. We had to change them out every 7-10 days. Arm and Hammer was worse. Both products tracked all over the house. They advertise that they are dust free. SO not. We tried the Costco brand, while it worked very well the odour control was only good for 2 to 3 weeks. It’s really cheap. It clumps, but very loosely. And the volume in the box goes down really fast. You have to swap it out more often to bring the volume back up or to counter the build up of odour. You buy more, more often, so it really doesn’t save you any money. And to make it worse, the dust from it covered everything in my house. We switched to Special Kitty, a Walmart house brand, clumping dust free for multi-cats. Surprisingly it came in almost the exact same packaging as the MAXX scoop. Hmmmm. The similarities were a little too similar? Very tight clumps, great odour control very little scent. Great product, working well for us. But, It had been getting harder and harder to find. Until last week when Walmart suddenly took it off the shelves. No explanations. \No responses to questions about when it be back. Once again, I am at a loss. I will try the one you have recommended. Hopefully, I can post that my three cats have given it a paws up review.

    1. Wow what a journey! I heard that Special Kitty was mysteriously discontinued by Walmart with not much info as well. A reader who has been using it and her cats suddenly got upper respiratory infection and suspected that it had to do with the recall. perhaps it is a good thing that you couldn’t find it anymore.

      I know a lot of ex-Maxx Scoop fans (myself included) are in the same boat. Which Arm and Hammer product did you try? My current staple is the Clump and Seal but recently tried the Slide version and have been very happy with the overall performance. You may want to give that a try as well. Good luck and please share your findings.

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