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The name Arm & Hammer reminds me of one thing – Baking Soda. We have used this work horse for so many amazing things: dry shampoo, teeth whitener, removing splinters, cleaning rugs and upholstered furniture, etc.

One of its most popular and effective usage (other than baking of course) is to deodorize. So when I heard that it is an active ingredient in the Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal cat litter, I made a bee-line towards the Multi-Cat version to test it out.

L-R: Multi-Cat vs. Fresh Home


Size: Available in 14, 19, 28, and 38 lbs (6.4, 8.6, 12.7, and 17.2 kg)
Price: $$$
PackagingCardboard box
ScentHint of clay smell
Ingredients(Not disclosed on the box label)


The Clump & Seal series comes packaged in a sturdy cardboard box with a plastic strap handle for boxes smaller than 38 lbs. This is a nice change from the plastic pail packaging that most clumping litter utilizes (tree huger rejoice!).

The strap is thin enough that it digs into my palm and I am constantly wondering when it will snap (it never did fyi).


The multiple weight option gives the freedom to buy the size that is manageable to you (FYI the 38 lbs box is actually made of two 19 lbs box). This is important as you will need to lift the box to pour the content out via a tab on the side (think baking soda box).



Arm & Hammer did not disclose the ingredient in the box but indicated on their website that it is made of minerals and plant sources. There is nothing fancy in this litter – just grey bits – which is sodium bentonite clay mixed with limestone. There is also baking soda in there but not visible to my naked eyes.

Even though it is a Plain Jane, the size of the granules really stood out for me. The granules are less than 2 mm (0.08 in) in size which is a lot smaller than other clumping litters that we have used in the past.

It is soft to touch and reminds me of sandy beaches. Perhaps not a good thing since sand sticks to me like a glue. However with an open mind, I chant ahead and pour it in.

Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal Multi-Cat
Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal Multi-Cat


Some users have complained about the strong scent but I did not find an overwhelming scent with mine. Perhaps there is QA inconsistency on Arm & Hammer’s part? I actually had to get really close to get any hint of fragrance, which to me smelled like a rock (yes I go around smelling rocks on my free time. Smelling roses is overrated).

Clump & Seal line guarantees a 7 day of odor-free home. Rather bold considering cat urine is well known to be stinky. To challenge this claim, I used it on the week that I had to be away from home.


Opening the door, I expect to be greeted by the ever-so-needy Ms. Bum Bums and Mr. Poopy Pants, followed by a cat litter assault. Let’s be honest, 5 days worth of poop and pee from 2 cats in a small enclosed apartment can be rather overwhelming.

To my surprise, it was actually not bad. I would not say that it smelled as if I just changed the litter but it was much more reasonable than what I had expected.

How was it able to do it? Imagine if the poop is locked inside a window-less room. No odor will leave the room right? The small granules have a higher surface area, which means more litter coating each poop ball, effectively sealing the poop odor inside.

Another source of the cat litter box smell is from bacteria that thrives on urine. To prevent them from growing in between cleaning, the Clump & Seal line has added a biocide to stop the bacteria growth.


Of all the clumping cat litter that I have tried, this is by FAR the best from dusting point of view. No visible dust clouds and the dust layer did not build up as fast at the other litter brand.


I was concerned that the smaller granules means easier to track (read – sand in butt crack after a day at the beach) but I think this has the right combination of weight and size that it has minimum tracking yet still small enough to properly coat the poop and urine balls. Just to be clear though, it still tracked but nothing horrendous to complain about.


While my normal box is covered, my “test litter” box is not. An interesting observation was about how much litter fell out of the box. Mr. Poopy Pants covers his poop like no one’s business. Listening to him covering his poop sounded like someone who is profusely trying to bury a dead body. As a side effect of it, a lot of the litter would fall off the side.

On the second week, I found significantly less cat litter outside the box. I concluded that he was initially not used to the lighter granules and would kick as hard as usual. Eventually he got the hang of it and realize that he does not need to kick as hard to cover. Smart boy =)

The clump size seemed to be average compared to other brands and they did not crumble either so cleaning the litter was a good experience.


Arm & Hammer Clump and Seal Multi-Cat  4 out of 5

Very satisfied! For someone with one cat, the Clump and Seal Fresh Home version would suffice but if you need extra odor control or have multiple cats, the Clump and Seal Multi-Cat version is certainly the way to go.



  • Small sandy litter easy on the joints, especially for older cats with arthritis, etc.
  • Great (I mean GREAT!) odor control.
  • Minimum tracking.
  • Has baking soda.


  • Slightly pricier than other clumping litter.
  • Lightly scented.

(Disclaimer: This post contains some affiliate links (read more about it here). However, my opinions are my own and I would only endorse items that I would let my cats use.)


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