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There is a new litter in town and I am excited! We have used Arm and Hammer line in the past and their Clump and Seal line is my favorite of all the clumping litter (see here). With a bold promise of easy clean-up and a 7-day odor-free home, I knew that I have to review the Arm and Hammer Slide Clumping Litter. As it turns out, it had unknowingly made me a bad cat owner…..

L-R: Non-Stop Odor Control vs. Multi-Cat

The Arm and Hammer Slide is available in two version:

  • Non-Stop Odor Control (green) : Great for household with one cat.
  • Multi-Cat (purple) : Great for household with multiple cats or need additional odor control.

Arm & Hammer Slide Clumping Litter is available in three sizes: 14 lbs, 19 lbs, and 28 lbs. The multiple size selection is great for people who doesn’t want to carry heavy weight.

The box is made of 100% recycled material with 35% from post-consumer sources. It is the perfect size for my recycling bin.

Wide-band handle on top of the box for transporting

The box has a handle on the top which is typical of the Arm & Hammer litter design. Maybe I got a defective box, but the handle came off on my 19 lbs box, making it necessary to awkwardly manhandle the box every time I pour.

After years of using the litter box, both Mr. Poopy Pants and Ms. Bum Bums has developed a system. They will only pee on one side of the box and poop on the other side. Because of that, I will end up with a soggy mess if I miss the regular cleaning schedule (don’t judge me,  I am only human …). Scooping usually ends up with dumping the whole box since the clumps would crumble away.

With Arm & Hammer Slide litter, we are happy to report that even the over saturated clumps stayed intact like magic. Crumbly nightmare averted! A&H Slide consists of plant-derived particles to help create “Rock-Hard Clumps” to ease scooping. They are not as hard as the concrete balls that the Precious Cat creates, so it is great for older cats with arthritis, etc.

As the name suggests, it promises that the litter will slide right out. However, we found that some of the clumps require slight encouragement. In comparison to other clumping litter though, this one is soo much better. Best of all, any clumps that has to be scraped off stayed intact.

Funny how the ones that doesn’t advertise being % dust-free is actually the one that is pretty much dust-free. Similar to the Arm & Hammer Clump and Seal, there was no need for a dust mask when pouring the litter.

Has there been a time when you find sand everywhere, weeks after you came back from the beach? I think you understood why I freaked out when I opened up the Arm & Hammer Slide litter box to find fine, sand-like grains.

I am glad I gave it a chance because there is barely any litter that had tracked. In fact, it tracks noticeably less than larger-grained litter that I have used. As it turns out, smaller doesn’t always mean easy to track.

Similar to Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal, A&H Slide promises a 7-day odor-free home. It is able to do so with the fine grain litter that has a high surface area to cover the poop or react with the pee. It also contains Arm and Hammer baking soda, to give it the extra odor control. (Fun fact: Odor is spelled as Odour outside of America. So no, there is no typo on the box.)

The litter comes slightly scented. The Non-Stop Odor Control has a slightly stronger scent than the Multi-Cat version. If you are like me and prefer non-scented stuff, the Multi-Cat version is definitely the way to go. It only has a hint of fragrance.

If there is a litter that made me a bad cat owner, this is it! With Arm & Hammer Slide litter, I find myself forgetting to clean the litter box. As it turns out I sometimes use litter box smell as my cue to clean.

Since this litter did such a great job at attacking the smell, I was not able to smell the ammonia when I am in the room. With other litters, I sometimes smell the ammonia as I scoop the crumblies. With A&H Slide, even the over-saturated urine clumps smelled almost neutral. Cleaning the box was a pleasure for once.

$$ – The price is at a sweet point where it is not too expensive, but not the cheapest either. Based on the performance in the other areas, the price is definitely justified.

If this is your first time trying Arm and Hammer Slide Litter, don’t forget to take advantage of the mail-in-rebate for the 14 lbs and 19 lbs. It is valid until Jan 31, 2018. More details here.

If you hate crumbly mess and looking for something that controls the odor well, this is it! Not to mention that the litter doesn’t track as much as other clumping litter and the price is reasonable.

Arm & Hammer Slide Clumping Litter Multi-Cat

Between the two Arm and Hammer Slide version, Odor Control and Multi-Cat, I highly recommend the Multi-Cat (purple) version. The Multi-Cat takes odor control one step further without using fragrance to mask the litter smell. It is worth trying, even if you only have one cat.

Lastly, any and all litter recommendations are welcome. I can only vouch for what I have used, but I am sure the world would be grateful for even more secrets, resources, and tips. Keep ’em coming.

(Disclaimer: This post contains some affiliate links (read more about it here). However, my opinions are my own and I would only endorse items that I would let my cats use.)


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